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Silver Mastery Package

Includes 4 Products

Nr. 1

25 Chapters The Collapse - 1,999 USD

Ultra Experts, Professors, Visionairs in their field are the Guest speakers at our Summit to give you Unprecedented insights.


Van Der Heijden Summits Invest Highly in superior Top Speakers who can give understanding in Opportunities, and Changes in the present World Economy.




Nr. 2

1 Yr 100xROI Mastery Class - 2,999

The Planned Collapse of the present Petro-Dollar Financial System will go though Dialectic with objective the biggest transfer of wealth ever, Interception is possible when compliance with the following LAWS;

- LAW of International Treaties

- LAW Of Clean Conscience

- MATH of the Stock Market

- DNA of Perfect Business Case

- LAW of 100 Times ROI

- VITAL of Real World News

- LAW of Virtual Mega Factories

- LAW of Hybrid Funds


Insight in these Unprecedented Opportunities are revealed during the summit.

Nr. 3

1,000 BMCP Tokens Airdrop - 3,999 USD
- (1,000 USD)

4.00 USD per stuk, 18.00 USD per stuk (post-IEO), Raise to 1,200 USD. 8,000 USD / 4 = 2,000 BMCP Tokens

Nr. 4

Pre-IPO 100xROI Event Voucher - 899

300 BMCP Non Voting Shares with Restiction





Total Value 9,900 USD

Not 2,970 USD

One Payment 1,495 USD

6 Payments @ 300 USD