Guarantees - 6 Fantastic Guarantees

Guarantees - 100 Times ROI Guarantee.

Every Ticket is with Bonus Shares of a Hand Picked Pre-IPO House of Brilliance. The shares given complimentary are with the ticket are provided at a rate of USD 0.90. These Shares are guaranteed to raise to USD 90.00 by 2034. More information on this can be found by clicking the thumbnail - 100 Times ROI Guarantee.


Guarantees - Money Back Guarantee

Every Ticket comes with a 7 Days money back guarantee. If a attendance wants to be refund for his/her money spend on the Ticket, then this is possible within 7 days after the seminar date. Click the Thumbnail below for more Information.

Those who ask for refund of Money, will not get access to the Knowledge Database, neither will they receive 100 * ROI Bonus Package


Guarantees - First Rights - On Public Offerings

The Existing Shareholders have the First Right to purchase

- 20.0 % new Shares of Total Shares Owned at IPO @ USD 4.50

- 66.6 % new Shares of Total Shares Owned at SPO @ USD 13.50

- 50.0 % new Shares of Total Shares Owned at TPO, @ USD 23.40

A excellent Understanding can be seen at The 100 * ROI Bonus Matrix, and of course at the VVIP Edition 37.5 * ROI Matrix.


Guarantees - IPO Guarantee

Investors in Limited Edition, as well as VVIP Investors have the Personal Guarantee of the Chairman and CEO of the Company, that the House of Brilliance will go Public on AIM in LSE in London.


Guarantees - Risk Free Investment Guarantee

The Risk Free Investment is created through

The Mezzanine Shares are 1/3 of the total possible to acquire shares executing the First Rights position during IPO, SPO and TPO.

The First Rights have a pre-Fixed price for IPO, SPO and TPO.

The Low price of the Mezzanine Shares ( USD 0.90 ) creates a continue positive ROI and LIQUIDITY Position, even towards the last TPO of 195% of the Investment.

In the 100 * ROI Bonus Matrix and the VVIP Edition 100 * ROI Matrix , this is shown clearly at a glance in the Matrix.

The First Right, give Asurity of Share Allocation and also that the prices is Pre-Fixed. The Milestones set are expected to be overtaken, which will result in a much higher SPO and TPO, which will increase the Liquidity and ROI above the Matrix shown.


Guarantees - Clean Guarantee

Our Clean Guarantee is that we will not be involved in De-population investments like Monsanto. Chemtrails, Water Polution etc, undermining the interest of the World. This fund will be used for Rebuilding the Raindrops, and Clean Water, Air, Soil and Energy Investmnets, Clean Investments, & Space Investmenst. We guarantee that we keep our commitment.



5 Guarantees