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Keynote Speaker, Private Consultation

Admar van der Heijden is the authority on the planned Collapse of the Financial System, His Life Quest is to inform others and help with Strategic Investments, restoring the world, as God has created it.


He has made Unprecedented Documentaries / Keynotes some are;

- The Collapse-001

- The Collapse-002

- Covid-19 Test for RFID / Agenda 21 through Dialectic

- Bill Gates Vaccination Agenda

- Peak Oil - (Diamond Only)

- Manipulation of FOREX - (Private Consulting)

- Manipulation of Derivatives - (Private Consulting)

- Interception Biggest Transfer of Wealth - (Private Consulting)

- Timing of the Collapse - (Private Consulting)


Keynote Speaker rate is 500,000 USD for 60 min. ++

Private Consulting rate is 2,000,000 USD per day ++

Keynote Presentations / Private Consulting

Peak Oil

Manipulation of FOREX

Manipulation of Derivatives

Interception Biggest Transfer of Wealth

Timing of the Collapse